It’s funny somehow finding out that in different countries the age is measured with the seasons of the year. Recently I heard that people up north in Europe like to refer as “How many winters are you?” when asking for age. South of Europe is different, so for instance in Spain it’s said “How many springs are you?” instead. Spring is definitely the time of the year when everything seems to flourish and renew again from the darkness.

The last few weeks I was also experiencing a similar resurgence in my life… so I unavoidably had to write this blog post!

Recently I moved from Manchester to a small town in the midlands of the UK (close to Birmingham) called Leamington Spa. I was really missing living close to the country side to be honest, and this opportunity also seemed perfect to work again in games full-time for the company Codemasters, after 5 years of hiatus. I don’t know exactly if I’m experiencing some kind of epiphany, but after a not so good last year the astros seem to be aligning in ways I never expected. It seems so easy to turn the spiral of life inwards, and so hard to turn it outwards that when things point to the right direction, I can only smile 🙂

Anyways, quite enjoying the moment right now… Miss Greatness is a bit busy lately, Game Audio is at full capacity though!


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